Perception of marine and coastal ecosystems

Coastal ecosystems provides natural protection and help reduce the impact of natural disasters like storm and flooding. The ocean, as an integrated part of pacific islands territories, represents a source of economic activites through fisheries and tourism especially. The extend and conditions of mangroves and coral reefs remains unknowna sustainable management of fisheries is critical to ensure long-term income. Those ecosystems, through their provisioning and regulating services, are essential for the livelihoods of the populations, but without proper information on their extent and condition, the trend of their degradation might continue.


  1. Use marine and coastal ecosystem accounts to help change the perception of the value of these ecosystem.
  2. Learn to implement sustainable policies in response to changing perceptions.

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This discussion will soon focus on concrete actions with the goal of building partnerships and co-create solutions to your challenges.

But for now, let’s start the conversation on the theme to:

  1. Share where you see the potential of changing the perception of the value of marine and coastal ecosystems.
  2. Tell the community what you are working on.
  3. Discuss who else should be involved to create change.